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Taylor Swift - Bad Blood

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Taylor Swift - Bad Blood
Description :

These "sad studs" definitely have some bad blood with the FDA! 

Comedians Jake Wilson and Jeffery Self took it upon themselves to put a fresh spin on Taylor Swift and Kendrick Lamar's pop hit "Bad Blood," all while calling out a very important inequality facing the gay community. The "Sad Studs" parody takes aim at the FDA policy that prohibits gay and bisexual men from donating blood unless they've been abstinent for at least a year, a restriction proving extremely problematic to those who want to contribute to such a life saving cause. 

In the video, which is equally hilarious as it is a vital conversation starter, a group of sexy studs (just like Taylor's badass girl posse) band together to speak out against the FDA's backwards thought that gay men have bad blood. 

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"This is an issue/ And though I wish I could kiss you/ Boy, I know you want some/ But baby, I want to give blood," the anthem's lyrics read. 

In an interview with MTV News, the video's writer and director opened up about the blood donation double standard. 

"I think this cause [blood donation] is so important because the policy is a complete double standard," Wilson shared. "A straight female can abuse painkillers, smoke, drink, never have an HIV test, have unprotected sex with a different guy every night, and still donate blood. A healthy man who only had oral sex with another man once 10 months ago, and has had three HIV tests since then, cannot donate. There's no scientific justification for the policy. It is straight-up discrimination."

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Although Wilson acknowledged steps have been made in the right direction, he feels it's just not enough. 

"I completely understand why the rules were set in place in the '80s during the height of the AIDS epidemic," he said. "It was a scary time. And the new FDA guidelines [which lifted the outright ban on gay men donating blood] are for sure a step in the right direction. However, we have come a long way since 1983, and the 12-month abstinence rule is still a policy that was born out of fear and misunderstanding, and there is no science to the logic. We have to speak out."

We're loving this new, fun form of social activism. Happy Pride Month! 

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